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ErinoakKids provides online autism resources for families

October 29, 2012
Autism Awareness Month
ErinoakKids provides online autism resources for families
MISSISSAUGA, OCT 29, 2012 – ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development now offers a range of online resources related to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The resources are designed for use by parents, family members, caregivers and others working with children and youth with an ASD.
“Many people turn to the Internet as their first source of information on health-related topics,” said Bridget Fewtrell, President and CEO of ErinoakKids. “Our online resources include tip sheets, brochures, and kits containing information and practical strategies to support families with a child or youth who has been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.”
The resources were developed by clinical staff at ErinoakKids and are based on current research and best practices. Topics include:
  • Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Anxiety and Self Management
  • Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Communication
  • School
  • Sexuality
  • Social Skills
  • Technology
  • Visual Supports
  • Social Narratives
  • Adaptive Daily Living Skills

The resources are available at
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About ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development
ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development is Ontario’s largest children’s treatment centre, serving almost 13,000 children and youth annually who have physical and developmental disabilities, autism, and communication disorders as well as children who are deaf or blind. Our mission is to help our clients achieve optimal levels of independence, learning, health and well-being. Serving Halton, Peel, Dufferin — and, for some services, Waterloo and Wellington — ErinoakKids has 650 staff and nine sites from which we provide a comprehensive array of assessment, medical, therapy and support services that help children and their families. In 2011 the Ministry of Children and Youth Services approved a redevelopment project to enable ErinoakKids to consolidate its current facilities into three larger sites which will be ideally situated for easy access within our catchment area, and designed specifically for the care of children and youth with special needs.  The new facilities are expected to open in 2017. For more information about ErinoakKids please visit
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Liz Leake
Director of Communications
ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development
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Did you know that 37% of children with minimal hearing losses fail at least one grade?

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