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  • Reinforcement is a key principle of Applied Behaviour Analysis
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Introducing automated appointment reminder calls

August 20, 2015
We know our clients and their families are busy juggling many activities and appointments. To help you manage your schedules, we have implemented automated reminder calls to clients and parents for scheduled appointments.

Clients who receive services at South Millway have already begun to receive automated reminder calls for their appointments. Automated reminder calls for all clients will be rolled out beginning August 20.

How it works
Four business days ahead of your scheduled appointment, you will receive an automated call after 6 p.m. You will have the option to confirm the date and time of the appointment by pressing 1, or press 2 to leave a message to cancel your appointment. The scheduling team will let your clinician know that the appointment has been cancelled, and your clinician will determine next steps.
The automated calls will come from our scheduling phone number, 905-855-3557. If you haven’t already, we suggest you add this number to your address book so that you recognize the Caller ID when you receive the reminder call. If there is no answer, the system will leave a voicemail.
Please note, there will not be automated reminder calls for the following appointments:
  • Fee-for-service (e.g. hearing aid dispensary)
  • Infant Hearing Screenings
  • Intensive Behaviour Intervention (IBI) treatment
  • Off-site, in-home sessions, or telephone appointments
If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your clinician.
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