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Independent Living Program

Applications for the 2017 Independent Living Program are now being accepted! Complete the form here.


The Independent Living Program (ILP) provides young people with physical disabilities, ages 16-19, with the opportunity to develop skills for independent living in a supportive and realistic environment.

The participants live in a college residence for 10 nights. While at the college, participants set individual goals related to independent living and work towards them in an accessible facility with 24-hour attendant services for personal care needs.

Participants have the opportunity to learn essential life skills including:

  • meal planning
  • meal preparation
  • using attendant services
  • direct their own services
  • using accessible transportation
  • managing money
  • personal safety skills and more

Information sessions teach participants about resources for

  • accessible housing options
  • recreational equipment and opportunities
  • community safety skills
  • advocacy skills
  • relationships and more

Participants are also responsible for setting and working toward achieving their own personal goals for independence.

At the ILP, the participants are encouraged to make choices and take control and responsibility for their own actions. As a result, participants are given the dignity of risk and are able to experience the natural consequences of their decisions in a supported and safe environment.

A client must be receiving at least one ErinoakKids core (main) service to access the Independent Living Program.

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