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Angela Cope, past ErinoakKids volunteer and donor

Angela Cope’s cousin was born with cerebral palsy. When Angela was old enough, she would volunteer with many of the programs that her cousin attended at ErinoakKids. Years later, the impact she saw at ErinoakKids still inspires her.
It inspired her so much that she raised more than $35,000 for ErinoakKids through the employee giving program at Softchoice, where she works. Softchoice Cares supports charities that use technology as a tool for education or to create positive change. Charities are chosen based on nominations by employees, who then organize fundraising events and activities. 
The funds raised by Angela will support the Assistive Devices Resource Service (ADRS) program. ADRS equips children and youth with a variety of disabilities with technology such as communication aids and technical devices that enable them to maintain or improve their physical functioning and communication. When Angela visited us to see the kinds of technology her donation would support, she was blown away.
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Did you know that the three smallest bones in the human body are in the ear and are called the stapes (stirrup), incus (anvil) and malleus (hammer)? The stapes is the smallest of the three bones, and is just 3.3 millimetres long in the average person. It is a tiny stirrup-shaped bone, and is known as the "stirrup." It is also the lightest bone in the body.

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