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    May 25, 2017
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    May 25, 2017
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    May 31, 2017
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    June 1, 2017


Samantha WisemanMy name is Samantha Wiseman, I have been an Instructor Therapist here at Bristol Circle for three years. We work in autism services and we do intensive behavioural intervention (IBI). I go from one-on-one sessions with kids, to settings where I have two to four kids in a classroom situation, or I could be in a diad being two students to one instructor therapist. 
I work with children who have been diagnosed with autism. They range from the age of four to the age of ten, and they come here for a total of 21 hours per week. 
I am the co-chair for the staff campaigns. We are raising awareness, as well as fundraising for our redevelopment project, and try to get the staff excited and involved. We absolutely blasted through our goal, which was such a fun thing to see. And I also organize a 5K run which we hold every spring. 
I’ve been working with kids with special needs since I was about 16, and once I started volunteering here, it really is a place where my heart is. I’m so proud to be a part of this at such an exciting time during this redevelopment project. I think it’s really going to change the image of ErinoakKids, and now people on the street will know a bit more about what we do, and the services which we offer, which is great. 
Our services are phenomenal the way that are, but with these new buildings, new equipment, the expectation can just go even higher. With some help from some donors, our services can become even better and we could offer more. 
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