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Psychoeducational Services

Psychoeducational Services are provided to clients who require psychoeducational assessment to assist with appropriate school placement and support, to help clients and their families better navigate the regular and special education systems, and to facilitate the transition to post-secondary education and/or life.

Psychoeducational Services for clients and their families can include:

  • comprehensive assessments of cognitive, academic, social-emotional well-being and overall adaptive functioning
  • consultation services to help understand learning, social-emotional and behavioural needs, as well as the important skills that will help promote a healthy and independent life
  • education workshops, drop-ins and clinics aimed at helping clients and their families effectively navigate the systems needed to facilitate the development of skills that will promote independence and an enhanced quality of life


To access Psychoeducational Services, clients and their families can speak with their developmental pediatrician or any other professional staff on their support team at any of the ErinoakKids locations about making a referral.

A client must be receiving at least one ErinoakKids core (main) service to access Psychoeducational Services.

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