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Coordinated Service Planning (Peel only)

Coordinated Service Planning is a community collaboration for planning and coordination services for families with children, youth and young people who have special needs in the region of Peel.

A service planning coordinator will work with you and your care team to create one coordinated service plan to meet your specific goals.

You may require Coordinated Service Planning if:

  • You have a child/youth with complex needs who is under 18 years old 
  • You are a young person with complex needs between 18-21 year old and are still in school


  • There are multiple service providers and intensive help is required to set goals and plan services
  • There is an urgent need for system wide planning, innovation and creative problem solving

Contact KidsPathways Peel for more information at 905-890-9432.

Download the Coordinated Services Planning postcard in English and French.

Family Feedback Survey

If you have been asked to complete the Coordinated Services Planning Family Feedback Survey, please access it here.

Coordinated Services Planning in Halton

Please note that ErinoakKids and KidsPathways Peel only offer Coordinated Services Planning for families living in the region of Peel.

For Coordinated Services Planning support in the region of Halton, please visit ROCK.