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Preschool Speech and Language Services

The Prechool Speech and Language (PSL) team supports the prevention, identification, assessment, treatment, and the (re)habilitation of speech, language and swallowing/feeding disorders.

Speech disorders include difficulty with production of speech sounds, stuttering (or fluency) and voice/resonance disorders.

Language disorders can affect the ability to understand others and/or express thoughts, ideas and feelings at a level consistent with developmental expectations.

What Do Preschool Speech and Language Services Involve?

Speech and language services may include:

  • Home programming 
  • Consultation to caregivers, professionals and supportive personnel who interact with the child 
  • Group or individual therapy combined with parent education and coaching 

Intervention focuses on skill development as well as on creating environments that promote optimal communication.

A preschool age child explores number and letter posters on the wall

Referral Process and Criteria

A referral is required to access Preschool Speech and Language services. Health professionals, families and clients can complete our online referral form. 

Communication Checkup

Before completing our referral form, please complete our Communication Checkup. This allows us to better direct you to the most suitable services to support your child.

Communication Checkup

Referral Criteria

  • Children with speech and/or language problems, aged six months until
    June 30 of the year they are eligible to enter junior kindergarten (JK). 
  • Referrals for this service will be accepted up to June 30 of the year the child is eligible to enter JK.
  • If a child previously received speech and language services at ErinoakKids or any Ontario Preschool Speech and Language program, the child can be referred to the program again, up until April 1 of the year that they are about to enter JK.
  • Must live in Peel, Halton or Dufferin.

Online Referral Form

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