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Developmental Consultation

Referral Criteria: Clients with suspected or confirmed global developmental delay, suspected neurological disorders, skeletal dysplasia/disorders, metabolic, mitochondrial disorders with neurological impairments and genetic syndromes associated with global delay who require assessment and consultation with a Developmental Paediatrician . Clients in the Developmental Consultation clinic will be assessed and where possible discharged back to the referring physician with a plan of care.  A visit to a community Paediatrician is recommended as the first step for assessment.  Complex clients requiring medication oversight may be followed in the Developmental Consultation Clinic. For children with suspected Autism without a concurrent developmental concern, please refer to the ASD Diagnostic Clinic.

Who Can Refer: Physician or Nurse Practitioner (Please include OHIP billing information and all relevant supporting documents)

Who is part of the team: Developmental Paediatrician, Paediatric Nurse

What to expect during the visit: Please plan for 90 minutes for your first appointment when you bring your child to ErinoakKids. 

What to bring to the appointment:  

  • Your child’s Health Card. The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care requires us to validate your health card at every clinic visit.
  • As the appointment may be long, please bring items to engage your child. 
  • Any notes or questions that you may have. 
  • List of current medications and allergies.
  • Any other forms related to your child’s care, such as reports from previous assessments, letters, school information and x-rays.

How can I prepare my child prior to the visit: Your child may be asked to complete a series of cognitive tasks in order to assess their learning. They may also be observed playing with provided toys. The doctor will also complete a physical assessment including measurements for growth.