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Items for sale at the Longo Family Resource Centres

The following items are available for purchase at the Longo Family Resource Centres at each site during regular operating hours.

Easy grip loop scissors (green – left handed, blue- right handed)

Lightweight scissors ideal for people with decreased hand strength.Lightweight scissors

Chewey Tube P and Q

Chewy Ps and Qs offer an ideal smooth surface for new gums and sprouting teeth to practice biting and chewing skills. 

Chewy Ps and Qs

ChewEaze clip-on

A device that encourages self-regulated chewing in children with sensory processing needs or oral fixations. This device can help strengthen jaw muscles or motor skill development.ChewEaze clip-on

Chewlery bracelet

Designed specifically to address oral chewing problems and helps prevent chewing of clothes, fingernails, and other objects. 

Chewlery bracelet

Chewy Tubes

Used to develop biting and chewing skills Chewy Tubes

Handwriting without Tears workbooks and chalkboard

Handwriting without Tears workbooks and chalkboard

my first school book

letters and numbers

chalk board


Therapy putty is used for strengthening the hand muscles, improving fine motor skills and relieving stress. Variable stretch resistance putty can be squeezed, pinched, stretched and twisted to effectively work hand muscles.

Four different resistance levels availabletheraputty

Single Digit Locksingle digit lock

Maped Scissors

Blunt tip, spring scissorsblunt scissors

Pencil grips

Different grip styles available: grip, grotto, and crossover pencil grips