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Spring/Summer Programs

ErinoakKids offers a variety of therapeutic spring and summer programs each year for children and youth currently receiving services at ErinoakKids.

The programs listed are available for clients currently receiving services at ErinoakKids. Since these are therapeutic programs, please be sure that your child meets all of the criteria before registering. 

*If you have any questions, please connect with your ErinoakKids Clinician and review eligibility criteria before registering.

Clients must be receiving centre-based Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy services, and/or Recreational Therapy to participate.

Registration is now open for our 2023 spring and summer therapeutic programs!

Review our new Spring and Summer Therapeutic Programs Guide to see the full lineup of activities open to ErinoakKids clients of various ages, ranging from sports and games, robotics and STEM, outdoor activities and more!

Our programs can help your child improve communication and social skills, develop physical and cognitive abilities, boost confidence and self-esteem and encourage an overall sense of accomplishment.

To register for spring therapeutic programs, refer to the guide for the phone number and extension. For summer programs, use this link to register.