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Summer Therapeutic Programs

Therapeutic, supervised activities for children and youth


All Summer Therapeutic Programs are now full! Thank you for your interest and have a great summer.

ErinoakKids offers a variety of therapeutic summer programs each year for children and youth currently receiving services at ErinoakKids.

Our programs are aimed at helping your child improve communication and social skills, develop physical and cognitive abilities, boost confidence and self-esteem and encourage an overall sense of accomplishment.

Since these are therapeutic programs, please be sure that your child meets all of the criteria before registering. If you have any questions about your child's eligibility, please connect with your ErinoakKids Clinician and review eligibility criteria before registering.

Thumbnail of the Summer Therapeutics Programs 2024 GuideDownload the Summer Therapeutic Program Guide

Helping Hands (Ages 5 - 10)

Please note that capacity for Helping Hands is now full!

Three students with hemiplegia are hanging out at Helping Hands

Helping Hands is an intensive program for children 5-10 years old with a diagnosis of hemiplegia. Clients participate in a variety of fun therapeutic activities that encourage the child to use their affected hand/arm only (Constraint Induced Movement Therapy - CIMT) to support functional outcomes. 

Participant Criteria:

  • Is receiving centre-based Occupational Therapy services at ErinoakKids
  • Attends this program on the recommendation of their Occupational Therapist
  • Has hemiplegia affecting an arm and/or hand, with some use of the affected hand
  • Has the ability to follow directions and participate in a group setting
  • Is seizure free for at least six months
  • Must attend pre-program assessment and participate in home programming activities

ErinoakKids Brampton Site 

Dates: Jul 22 - Aug 2 (10 sessions, Mon - Fri) 
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Cost: Cost of splint for CIMT (if required) 

ErinoakKids Oakville Site 

Dates: Aug 12 - 23 (10 sessions, Mon - Fri)
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Cost: Cost of splint for CIMT (if required) 

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Riverwood Explorers (Ages 8 - 12)

Please note that capacity for Riverwood Explorers is now full!

A student learns about bees and butterflies at Riverwood

This program, in partnership with The Riverwood Conservancy, lets children enjoy outdoor activities at Riverwood, a 150-acre property with trails and wildlife and an indoor air conditioned facility. Participants will develop walking skills, endurance and cardiovascular fitness while engaging in walks and other fun and recreational activities. 

Participant Criteria:

  • Is receiving centre-based physiotherapy service at ErinoakKids
  • Is able to participate in a group setting, follow directions and attend to a task
  • Enjoys spending time outdoors, enjoy nature and be willing to try new activities
  • Is able to walk for at least five minutes with or without the use of crutches/canes/walker
  • Is able to climb up and down four steps with a handrail with or without assistance
  • Is seizure free for at least six months
  • Is medically stable

Riverwood Conservancy
4190 Riverwood Park Lane,

Dates: Jul 8 - 19 (10 sessions, Mon - Fri) 
Time: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

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iCan Bike (Ages 8 - 19)

Offered in partnership with the Town of Milton

Please note that capacity for iCan Bike is now full!

Two iCan Bike volunteers support a student on an adapted bicycle

This program is offered in partnership with the Town of Milton. The goal of iCan Bike is to teach children with disabilities to ride a conventional two-wheeled bicycle and become lifelong independent riders. Children will use adapted bicycles and receive 75 minutes of specialized instruction from trained volunteers each day.

Participant Criteria:

  • Can walk independently without assistive devices
  • Can side step to both sides
  • Can pedal a bike with training wheels independently
  • Can keep feet on pedals without straps and put foot back on pedal independently if it falls off
  • Can follow basic instructions in a group setting
  • Consistently responds to the word “stop”
  • Is motivated to learn to ride a bike
  • Has a properly fitted bike helmet
  • Does not exceed the weight maximum of 220 pounds
  • Has minimum inseam (inside leg length) of 20 inches
  • Is able to attend all 5 days of the program

Note: Caregiver/Parent must attend an orientation on July 21st from 4 - 5 p.m. at the John Tonelli Sports Centre 217 Laurier Ave, Milton 

Dates: Jul 22 - 26 (5 sessions, Mon - Fri)
Program Fee: $150

Upon acceptance to the program, clients will indicate their top three session time preferences.

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S.K.I.L.L.S. - Supporting Kids in Leisure & Life Skills  (Ages 13 - 15)

Please note that capacity for S.K.I.L.L.S. is now full!

Students at the SKILLS program dressed up in costume and waving a ribbon

This program will provide participants with the opportunity to develop and practice skills related to recreation, leisure and independence. They will work on-site and in the community on valuable life skills like transportation, planning outings, budgeting, money management, cooking and self-help skills.

Participant Criteria:

  • Is currently receiving centre-based occupational or physiotherapy service at ErinoakKids
  • Is able to set goals and communicate needs effectively
  • Is able to transfer independently or with one person assisting
  • Is independent or require only minimal assistance with mobility and toileting
  • Is medically stable and seizure free for at least six months

ErinoakKids Mississauga Site
1230 Central Parkway West, Mississauga

Dates: Aug 12 - 23 (10 sessions, Mon - Fri) 
Time: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Program Fee: $150

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