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Psychological Assessments at ErinoakKids for children under 19 years of age 

Our team of Psychologists and Psychometrists provide comprehensive Psychological Assessments and Psychoeducational Assessments.

Psychological Assessments

Typically conducted with children under 6 years of age, a Psychological Assessment is intended to understand a child’s development in the areas of social and adaptive, intellectual, academic and communication. The information obtained from the assessment will provide recommendations around treatment, educational programming, and supports needed at school. The assessment might also lead to a diagnosis or confirmation of an existing diagnosis.

Psychoeducational Assessments

A Psychoeducational Assessment is often initiated in response to concerns identified at the school level about a student’s attention and/or behaviour, learning, social/emotional functioning, and cognitive skills. Typically conducted for children 6 years of age and over if there are concerns identified by parents, at school, or by other professionals, this assessment identifies a profile of student’s strengths and needs for the different areas of functioning to determine appropriate interventions, placement, and supports in educational and other settings. The assessment might also lead to a diagnosis or confirmation of an existing diagnosis.

Description of Assessment Services Provided

Our team will assess your child’s strengths and needs through direct interactions, standardized tests, and observation at our centres. Assessments will also include information gathered from questionnaires parents/guardians, daycare staff, and teachers to complete. We also provide a written report with results of the assessments, diagnostic considerations, recommendations for appropriate services, and practical suggestions on how to build on your child’s areas of strengths and work on areas of needs.