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Cerebral Palsy Study

CP-NET (or the Childhood Cerebral Palsy (CP) Integrated Neuroscience Discovery Network) is an Ontario research-based innovation initiative designed to improve the care of childhood CP from prevention to treatment. CP-NET, funded by the Ontario Brain Institute, involves more than 30 researchers from 15 academic and clinical sites (such as ErinoakKids) and also includes patient advocacy groups and the industrial sector.
The vision of CP-NET is to create a partnership program among Ontario-based researchers, clinicians and stakeholders to transform the lives of individuals with, or at risk for, CP and their families by accelerating the development of new neuroscience discoveries.
ErinoakKids Involvement
ErinoakKids is part of the Clinical Database Platform of CP-NET. This means that we are one of five clinical sites across Ontario that recruit children with CP to participate in research, helping CP-NET acquire a large database of information about clinical risk factors, neuroimaging, genetics, neurodevelopmental factors, as well as the psychosocial and participation dimensions of children’s lives. The database will allow researchers to better understand the number of kids affected by CP in different parts of Ontario and to study a variety of risk factors for, or causes of, CP (i.e. clinical risk factors before, during and after childbirth, family history, etc.).

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Who can participate?
Children aged 2 years of age and older who have CP and live in Ontario are invited to participate.

Why should you consider participating?
Participation will allow researchers to study the causes of CP, improve diagnosis and develop treatments and interventions. Hopefully, we can find ways to prevent CP and improve care in the future.

What does the study involve? 
Families will have 2 options for participation (remotely or in-person):

Option A (1 Visit)
Participants will provide written consent for the study, complete questionnaires and give saliva sample(s). Total Time Commitment: 3 hours

Option B (2 Visits)
During visit 1, participants will complete all tasks outlined in Option 1 (3 hours). During visit 2, participants will complete additional questionnaires (1/2 hour). Visit 2 occurs anywhere from 1 to 4 years after your first visit.
Total Time Commitment: 3.5 hours

What will happen to the information collected?
When you join the study you will be given a study ID. Researchers will use this ID to organize your data, instead of your name or other information that can identify you. The information collected will be stored in a secure electronic database.

Are there any costs for particpating?
There is no cost for participating. We will also reimburse you for transportation.

How can you get involved?

*Contacting us does not obligate you or your child to participate in the study.

If you would like more information about participating in the CP-NET study or on CP-NET, please contact:

Anjuli Ner

Research Assistant for CP-NET

ErinoakKids - Brampton (10145 McVean Drive, Brampton)

(905) 855-2690 ext. 2793

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