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Jayden's Story

Meet Jayden, a proud graduate of the ErinoakKids Independent Living Program (ILP). You may recognize him from his feature in our 2022-2023 Annual Report

The ILP offers ErinoakKids clients ages 16-19 an opportunity to learn life skills while living in an accessible dorm room at the University of Toronto, Mississauga. From buying groceries, to taking transit, to navigating activities around the city, Jayden and his peers in the ILP graduated with skills they can use to live a more independent life.

Jayden goes grocery shopping with some friends

Jayden learning how to cook at the ILP

The ILP didn’t only benefit Jayden, but his family, too. His sister was so happy to see him connecting with others. His dad shared that this program taught the family it’s okay to push Jayden a bit out of his comfort zone. His Mom expressed how overjoyed she was watching Jayden become the kind of self-advocate she always knew he could be.

Now living independently in residence at Mohawk College (and loving it!), Jayden really appreciates the financial literacy he learned during his time in the ILP. He can budget his finances and calculate how much he has left on his student access card. He tracks his money, budgets weekly for meals and keeps an eye on his spending outside of his student access card as well. Jayden now knows to always ask for his receipts to ensure he stays on budget, all thanks to the life skills he learned during his time in the ILP.

Jayden stands in front a of banner that reads "welcome to residence"

Jayden in his dorm room at Mohawk College

That is just one of the many ways the ILP helped Jayden and his friends! 

Independence is something many of us take for granted. For Jayden and his friends in the ILP, many of whom have been clients of ErinoakKids for many years, it has been truly life changing.

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